Ascension Providence Hospital Curriculum

Osteopathic Internship Only

  • 1 month ER
  • 3 months Internal Medicine-Fundamental clinical Skills (IM-FCS)*
  • 1 month vacation (includes up to 5 conference days and 1 week self study)
  • 1 month family practice (inpatient or outpatient)
  • 2 months FCS (IM, OB, peds, surgery, etc.)
  • 4 Months electives
  • Twice monthly OMT sessions with Dr. Elkiss

* = IM-FCS rotations include medicine teams, hematology/oncology, CCU, etc.

** = Only one of these is required when the rotation is family practice and it is an ambulatory rotation. Otherwise, both are required.


Osteopathic Intern/Family Practice - Schedule set up by Dr. Karen Mitchell, Program Director, and Nina Vonhatten, Residency Coordinator, but must still satisfy the basic internship requirements.


Note:  In addition to the requirements above, all MDs pursuing a categorical residency other than internal medicine will rotate:  2 additional months (CCU, hematology/oncology, or IM) and 3 additional months of electives.