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September 11, 2018: Speak-Up Luncheon

     The first Speak-Up Luncheon was held on Tuesday September 11th in the Simulation Center classroom at Ascension Providence Hospital, Southfield campus. All residents and fellows were invited. The House Officers Association was asked to have representatives from all training programs attend. The 19 attendees included representatives of several programs, Dr. Basim Dubaybo, the wellness physicians and the administrative staff of medical education. Dr. Dubaybo welcomed all students, residents and fellows as coworkers and partners in education, recognized the difficult paths that they have chosen and promised that we wil do everything that we can to help them to succeed. They were welcomed to share concerns and ideas for strengthening our community and Dr. Dubaybo expressed the wish that they would join our hospital committees that maintain and work to improve all aspects of our functioning as a hospital and an educational community. A list of these committees will be made available where medical trainee membership, ideas and energy would be greatly appreciated. Dr. Dubaybo stressed that collectively we can figure out ways to be more efficient and effective.
     Gains have been made in several areas since the Speak-Up Forum. Utilization of our many wellness services has improved and been extended to more members of our community. All residents will soon have stickers on their meal cards informing them of resources that they can call for assistance and to report situations where improvements are needed. The creation of this blog and website will speed communication regarding health and wellness issues. The website will have an up-to-date list of important contacts. The blog will focus on new developments, events and critical health and wellness information. The program coordinators will electronically contact all members of their programs when there is something of immediate significance to be read on the blog. The resource library will be a repository of wellness information and offer opportunities for self-assessment to be perused at one’s leisure.
     There are many mentoring opportunities now available to all levels of trainees as the programs have implemented their wellness plans. We are working on wellness programming of mutual interest with other disciplines, notably nursing. The resident gym is being well utilized.
     Several residents mentioned the need for more feedback regarding their suggestions. Dr. Dubaybo cited gains that have recently been made in reporting and feedback regarding problem areas.
     It was mentioned that colleague’s stories of how they have managed the stressors of career development and day-to-day functioning have been helpful. Development of a conference with this as a focus might be useful.
     The tone of this first meeting was very positive. All attendees seemed enthusiastic and friendly. Our next meeting is scheduled for October 9 (most likely in the same location). Check the blog for further developments.

     - Submitted by Paul Lessem, MD