Ascension Providence Hospital Application

As of December 2020, the application process involves access to an online application form from CME Tracker, which also requires the uploading of various documents below. To help with the new application process, please view this video.


Course Director starts the application and completes the following forms:


Your speakers should complete the following:

  • Disclosures Form (If there are any conflicts...the Course Director would then complete the Resolution of Conflict form and attach it to the Disclosure form for that particular speaker. Speakers MUST submit a Disclosure, Good Practices Agreement, and CV disclosing relevant financial relationships regardless of support from any commercial interest, and that false disclosure or failure to resolve Conflicts of Interest will result in replacement of speaker, removal of speaker, or denial of CME credit).
  • Good Practices Agreement

Additional Information:

If a conference has no speaker…please provide a certified attendance roster and minutes.


Mandatory for CME Approval

The conference must be "DIRECT PATIENT CARE". It should be appropriate “QUALITY IMPROVEMENT ACTIVITY" with regards to patient care.


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Eutropia Rhodes at (248) 849-2203.