Ascension St. John Hospital Mission Statement

The Continuing Medical Education Programs at Ascension St. John Hospital strive to facilitate high quality programs and educational updates for our staff physicians. We seek to provide educational opportunities to promote best practices which support optimal patient care by our medical staff physicians and prepare physician leaders for directing health care change. When our medical staff physicians are in leadership roles with other health related organizations, we will enable joint-providership for such activities and support the education of those physicians for joint-providership.


CME activities accredited by Ascension St. John Hospital will target Ascension St. John Hospital physicians in all medical specialties and sub-specialties, as well as other healthcare professionals as some activities may also be relevant to multi-disciplinary allied health care teams.


Included among our CME offerings are educational opportunities that contribute significantly to the continuum of professional learning; that stimulate clinical competency; and that promote the appropriate, efficacious, and efficient use of medical resources and technology. A variety of programs within departments (i.e., grand rounds, tumor boards etc) provide the educational sessions needed for enhancing physician competencies.


Our goal is to provide activities that are high quality CME conferences, regularly scheduled series (RSS’s), enduring material, web-based activities, PI-CME activities and other relevant topics as determined by the Ascension St. John Hospital CME Committee.


As a result of our CME program we expect a change in physician competence and learners are expected to apply acquired abilities/strategies in their practices. This should be achieved in a setting which is evidence-based and free of commercial bias.