Ascension Southeast Michigan MI Staffing Solutions

How it works

Registered nurses who join MI Staffing Solutions are utilized on a PRN “as needed basis” to supplement staffing needs. There are four MI Staffing Solutions categories:
  • First Option allows the nurse to work primarily within one department.
  • Second Option allows the nurse to float to various units in one hospital.
  • Third Option allows the nurse to float between 3 hospital regions based on specialties.
  • Fourth Option allows the nurse to float within their specialty throughout all 5 hospitals within St. John Providence.


Each category has its own scheduling options and pay scale. So, if you are considering employment, consider MI Staffing Solutions as hundreds of nurses already have. Advantages of MI Staffing Solutions

  • MI Staffing Solutions is Ascension Southeast Michigan’s own internal nurse staffing resource pool designed to ensure an adequate supply of nurses for our health system today and for years to come. It makes sense for nurses, for patients and for our health care environment.
  • Nurses working in MI Staffing Solutions will be part of our team and be familiar with our practices.
  • Nurses at various stages of work and personal life can choose the career option that is best for them at Ascension Southeast Michigan  -- full-time, part-time or MI Staffing Solutions.
  • MI Staffing Solutions provides a proactive solution to unplanned or short-term needs for nurse staffing due to sick calls, vacations, leaves, vacancies, increases in acuity and similar situations that formerly challenged hospital operations.
  • Nurses enjoy the same freedom as an agency, but only work within one hospital system - Ascension Southeast Michigan.


Questions about MI Staffing Solutions

Please call 586-753-1861 or 586-753-1862.