Ascension Southeast Michigan Residency Program

Ascension Southeast Michigan’s Nurse Residency is a 12-month program for all newly hired nurses with one year or less experience as a nurse. Our program is designed to provide education and support for the new nurse, as well as socialization and collegial sharing opportunities.

After completing orientation at the Regional Onboarding Center, you will begin a unit-based orientation in your specialty. Nurse Residency starts within one to three months of hire. The program consists of a series of 12, four-hour classroom sessions once a month. Designated topics are applicable to all clinical settings.

We understand the transition from student to professional can be full of challenges and uncertainties. This program has been developed to assist you in this process.

Nurse Residency is designed to:

  • Support and validate your critical thinking skills
  • Enhance your knowledge and skills in your current practice
  • Increase your sense of autonomy and independence
  • Build skills in delegation and communication
  • Provide you with a forum to discuss common issues and concerns
  • Offer you a plan for continued development of short and long-term career goals

For more information, please print our brochure, or contact SJP Educator Mary Sullivan M.Ed, RNC-NIC at 313-343-6312 or