Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital Program Auditions & Interviews

Thank you for your interest in our programs, below are the audition and interview schedule for the individual programs. 

For additional questions about the program contact the Program Coordinator.


Audition Season

Interviews Held

Emergency Medicine July - January  October - January
Family Medicine July - December  October - December
Gastroenterology- Fellowship TBD
General Surgery  July - December  December (first 2-Fridays)
Internal Medicine July- January  October - January
Interventional Cardiology- Fellowship  TBD  TBD
Nephrology - Fellowship TBD
Neurology July - December November - December
Obstetric & Gynecology  July - February  November - January  (Fridays)
Ophthalmology  July - November  December
Oral Maxiollfacial Surgery  Externships offered throughout the year  November
Orthopaedic Surgery  July - November  December
Otolaryngology- ENT  July - December  December
Periodontal Dentistry  TBD  TBD
Podiatry  TBD Through CASPR/CRIP
Pulmonary/ Critical Care  TBD  TBD
Transitional Year  TBD  TBD
Urology  TBD  TBD