Job Shadowing and Candidate Qualifications

Candidate Qualifications

Individuals eighteen (18) and over are eligible for enrollment. An interview is required, during which candidates are evaluated on:

  • Personal impression
  • Customer service/Patient care experience
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Educational background

Educational requirements include minimum of an Associate degree. (Completion by August of the application year) The degree can be in any area of study, but must include:

  • English (Composition or Communication); minimum 3 credits
  • Algebra (Intermediate level or above); minimum 3 credits
  • Introduction to Computers; minimum 3 credits
  • Medical terminology; minimum 1 credit
  • Anatomy & Physiology; minimum 3 credits
  • Behavioral science; minimum 3 credits
  • Introduction to Healthcare (Or documentation of 5 or more hours of job shadowing at our facility)

Courses less than 7 years old are preferred (Not required); grade of “C” or higher preferred.

To arrange a job shadow, please contact