Ascension Providence Hospital Scholarly Activity

     Research is an integral component of the Gastroenterology Fellowship program. Fellows will have the opportunity to do case reports, retrospective studies (chart reviews), experimental studies (clinical trials, animal studies) and prospective studies. These studies can be developed with input from faculty, the Gastroenterology Research Coordinator (Dr. Serge Sorser), Biomedical Research department and fellows.

     Each year, a number of papers from the department are published in peer reviewed journals. Our residents present numerous oral papers and posters at local, regional, national and international meetings including Ascension Providence Hospital's Research Day, among others. We are extremely proud of these accomplishments.

     A listing of our presentations (oral, video and poster formats), honors and recently published papers is shown below.

Number of oral, video and/or poster presentations







Ascension Providence Hospital Research Day 1 1 1 0 1
Digestive Disease Week 1        

MI Osteopathic Association Annual Spring
     Scientific Convention

World Congress of Gastroenterology  *   3      

      *, number of presentations to be determined

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Recently Published Papers:

  • Ehrenpreis ED, Tun NN, Melitas D. Acute hyponatremia induced by bowel preparations for colonoscopy: identification of patients at risk. Drug Design Development and Delivery Journal, 1(May):104, 2018.  Open access
  • Kathawa J, George K, Piper M. Chilaiditi Syndrome Is a Rare Disease With Features That Resemble Pneumoperitoneum. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2018 (In press).  PMID 29574238
  • Manabat M, Jackson M, Ngo K, Stawick L. Duodenal Pyloric Gland Adenoma in a 59-Year-Old Asian Male. Case Reports in Gastrointestinal Medicine, 2018(Jun):9287843, 2018.  PMID 29971172
  • Maratt JK, Lewis CL, Saffar D, Weston LE, Myers A, Piper MS, Saini SD. Veterans' Attitudes Towards Deintensification of Surveillance Colonoscopy for
    Low-Risk Adenomas. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2018 (In press).  PMID 29609067
  • Maratt JK, Menees SB, Piper MS, Zikmund-Fisher BJ, Saini SD. Patients Are Willing to Repeat Colonoscopy at a Short Interval When Bowel Preparation Quality Is Suboptimal. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 16(May):776-777, 2018.  PMID 28987507
  • Melitas C, Meiselman M. Metabolic Pancreatitis: Pancreatic Steatosis, Hypertriglyceridemia, and Associated Chronic Pancreatitis in 3 Patients with Metabolic Syndrome. Case Reports in Gastroenterology, 12(Jun):331-336, 2018.  PMID 30022925
  • Melitas C, Sorser SA, Adler DG. Endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR). Practical Gastroenterology, 42(May):38-49, 2018.  Online access
  • Sondhi AR, Piper MS, DiMagno MJ. Stack of Coins Sign in a Patient With Recurrent Abdominal Pain. Gastroenterology, 154(Apr):e12-e13, 2018. PMID 28732706
  • Brown K. Maximizing donors with viral hepatitis in the current era. Liver Transplantation, 23(Oct):S44-S49, 2017.  PMID 28846183
  • Kahl R, Patel K, George K, Piper M. Idiopathic Colonic Varices: A Rare Cause of Recurrent Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding. ACG Case Report Journal, 4(Dec):e122, 2017.  PMID 29255722
  • Haidar A, Kaur S, Jackson N, Parungao JM, Piper M, Cutler A. Medical Treatment for Microscopic Colitis: A Community Hospital's Experience. Gastroenterology Research, 10(Dec):329-333, 2017.  PMID 29317939
  • Piper MS, Saad RJ. Diabetes Mellitus and the Colon. Current Treatment Options in Gastroenterology, 15(Dec):460-474, 2017.  PMID 29063998
  • Shamban L, Sorser S, Naydin S, Lebwohl B, Shukr M, Wiemann C, Yevsyukov D, Piper MH, Warren B, Green PHR. Factors associated with number of duodenal samples obtained in suspected celiac disease. Endoscopy International Open, 5(Dec):E1220-E1228, 2017.  PMID 29218313
  • Dwivedi S, Al-Hamid H, Warren BJ. Mallory-Weiss tear after violent hiccups: a rare association. Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives, 7(Jan):37-39  2017.  PMID 28634523
  • Velocci V, Piper MH. (July 7, 2017) Cytomegalovirus esophagitis overview of cytomegalovirus. Medscape, July(Jul):1952121, 2017.  Online access
  • Hussain S, Mehta A, Pettle T, Niyazi F, Prushani A, Patel R, Piper MH, Jafri SM. Multicenter Evaluation of Current Knowledge of Intestinal Transplantation and Rehabilitation Among Trainee Physicians. Transplantation Proceedings, 47(Jul):1988-1992, 2015.  PMID 26293086
  • Heil R, Tran T, Stawick L, Herschman B. Metastatic Choriocarcinoma of the Small Intestine Presenting as Refractory Anemia and Melena. ACG Case Reports Journal, 2(Apr):131-132, 2015.  PMID 26157939
  • Sorser SA, Konanki V, Hursh A, Hagglund K, Lyons H. 1-day bowel preparation with polyethylene glycol 3350 is as effective and safe as a 3-day preparation for colonoscopy in children. BMC Research Notes, 7(Sep):648, 2014.  PMID 25223547
  • Hussain S, Haidar A, Bloom RE, Zayouna N, Piper MH, Jafri SM. Bicalutamide-induced hepatotoxicity: A rare adverse effect. American Journal of Case Reports, 15(Jun):266-270, 2014.  PMID 24967002
  • Vyas A, Malas A, Marshall G, Harb A, Stawick L, Svinarich D. Duodenal perforation by an IVC filter: a case and discussion expanding on the 2010 guidelines for filter retrieval. Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology, 37(Jun):847-849, 2014.  PMID 24196268
  • Sorser SA, Fan DS, Tommolino EE, Gamara RM, Cox K, Chortkoff B, Adler DG. Complications of ERCP in patients undergoing general anesthesia versus MAC. Digestive Diseases and Sciences, 59(Mar):696-697, 2014.  PMID 24202650