Ascension Providence Hospital Scholarly Activity

     Research is an integral component of the Hematology and Oncology Fellowship program. Fellows will have the opportunity to do case reports, retrospective studies (chart reviews), experimental studies (clinical trials, animal studies) and prospective studies. These studies can be developed with input from faculty, the Hematology and Oncology Research Coordinator (Dr. Jeff Flynn), Biomedical Research department and fellows.

     Each year, a number of papers from the department are published in peer reviewed journals. Our fellows present numerous oral papers and posters at local, regional, national and international meetings including Ascension Providence Hospital's Research Day, among others. We are extremely proud of these accomplishments.

     A listing of our presentations (oral, video and poster formats), honors and recently published papers is shown below.

Number of oral, video and/or poster presentations


Ascension Providence Hospital Research Day 4 5 4 2 4

      *, number of presentations to be determined

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Recently Published Papers:

  • Jagannath S, Abonour R, Durie BGM, Gasparetto C, Hardin JW, Narang M, Terebelo HR, Toomey K, Wagner L, Srinivasan S, Kitali A, Yue L, Flick ED, Agarwal A, Rifkin RM. Heterogeneity of Second-Line Treatment for Patients With Multiple Myeloma in the Connect MM Registry (2010-2016). Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma & Leukemia,18(Jul):480-485, 2018.  PMID 29844008
  • Terebelo H, Srinivasan S, Narang M, Abonour R, Gasparetto C, Toomey K, Hardin JW, Larkins G, Kitali A, Rifkin RM, Shah JJ. Recognition of early mortality in multiple myeloma by a prediction matrix. American Journal of Hematology, 92(Sep):915-923, 2017.  PMID 28543165
  • Zakaria A, Al Share B, Kollepara S, Vakhariya C. External Beam Radiation and Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer: Is It a Possible Trigger of Large Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Urinary Bladder? Case Reports in Oncological Medicine, 2017(May):1853985, 2017. PMID 28638669
  • Rand KA, Song C, Dean E, Serie DJ, Curtin K, Sheng X, Hu D, Huff CA, Bernal-Mizrachi L, Tomasson MH, Ailawadhi S, Singhal S, Pawlish K, Peters ES, Bock CH, Stram A, Van Den Berg DJ, Edlund CK, Conti DV, Zimmerman T, Hwang AE, Huntsman S, Graff J, Nooka A, Kong Y, Pregja SL, Berndt SI, Blot WJ, Carpten J, Casey G, Chu L, Diver WR, Stevens VL, Lieber MR, Goodman PJ, Hennis AJ, Hsing AW, Mehta J, Kittles RA, Kolb S, Klein EA, Leske C, Murphy AB, Nemesure B, Neslund-Dudas C, Strom SS, Vij R, Rybicki BA, Stanford JL, Signorello LB, Witte JS, Ambrosone CB, Bhatti P, John EM, Bernstein L, Zheng W, Olshan AF, Hu JJ, Ziegler RG, Nyante SJ, Bandera EV, Birmann BM, Ingles SA, Press MF, Atanackovic D, Glenn MJ, Cannon-Albright LA, Jones B, Tricot G, Martin TG, Kumar SK, Wolf JL, Deming Halverson SL, Rothman N, Brooks-Wilson AR, Rajkumar SV, Kolonel LN, Chanock SJ, Slager SL, Severson RK, Janakiraman N, Terebelo HR, Brown EE, De Roos AJ, Mohrbacher AF, Colditz GA, Giles GG, Spinelli JJ, Chiu BC, Munshi NC, Anderson KC, Levy J, Zonder JA, Orlowski RZ, Lonial S, Camp NJ, Vachon CM, Ziv E, Stram DO, Hazelett DJ, Haiman CA, Cozen W. A Meta-analysis of Multiple Myeloma Risk Regions in African and European Ancestry Populations Identifies Putatively Functional Loci. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 25(Dec):1609-1618, 2016. PMID 27587788
  • Sever C, Abbott CL, de Baca ME, Khoury JD, Perkins SL, Reichard KK, Taylor A, Terebelo HR, Colasacco C, Rumble RB, Thomas NE. Bone Marrow Synoptic Reporting for Hematologic Neoplasms: Guideline From the College of American Pathologists Pathology and Laboratory Quality Center. Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, 140(Sep):932-49, 2016. PMID 26905483
  • Rifkin RM, Abonour R, Shah JJ, Mehta J, Narang M, Terebelo H, Gasparetto C, Toomey K, Hardin JW, Lu JJ, Kenvin L, Srinivasan S, Knight R, Nagarwala Y, Durie BG. Connect MM® - the Multiple Myeloma Disease Registry: incidence of second primary malignancies in patients treated with lenalidomide. Leukemia & Lymphoma, 57(Sep):2228-2231, 2016. PMID 26766599
  • Chand G, Shamban L, Forman A, Sinha P. The Association of Streptococcus gallolyticus Subspecies pasteurianus Bacteremia with the Detection of Premalignant and Malignant Colonic Lesions. Case Reports in Gastrointestinal Medicine, 2016(Jul):7815843, 2016. PMID 27555973
  • Rifkin RM, Abonour R, Terebelo H, Shah JJ, Gasparetto C, Hardin J, Srinivasan S, Ricafort R, Nagarwala Y, Durie BG. Connect MM Registry: The Importance of Establishing Baseline Disease Characteristics. Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma & Leukemia, 15(Jun):368-376, 2015.  PMID 25617035
  • Haidar A, Arekapudi S, DeMattia F, Abu-Isa E, Kraut M. High-grade undifferentiated small round cell sarcoma with t(4;19)(q35;q13.1) CIC-DUX4 fusion: emerging entities of soft tissue tumors with unique histopathologic features--a case report and literature review. American Journal of Case Reports, 16(Feb):87-94, 2015.  PMID 25683183
  • Kornas RC, Shields SK, Goldman LS. A peculiar case of the abscopal effect: radioactive iodine therapy incidentally palliating marginal zone lymphoma. Case Reports in Oncological Medicine, 2015(Jan):281729, 2015.  PMID 25709847
  • Kernstine KH, Moon J, Kraut MJ, Pisters KM, Sonett JR, Rusch VW, Thomas CR Jr, Waddell TK, Jett JR, Lyss AP, Keller SM, Gandara DR; American College of Surgeons Oncology Group; Cancer and Leukemia Group B; Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group; North Central Cancer Treatment Group; National Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Group; Southwest Oncology Group. Trimodality therapy for superior sulcus non-small cell lung cancer: Southwest Oncology Group-Intergroup Trial S0220. Annals of Thoracic Surgery, 98(Aug):402-410, 2014.  PMID 24980603
  • Hussain S, Haidar A, Bloom RE, Zayouna N, Piper MH, Jafri SM. Bicalutamide-induced hepatotoxicity: A rare adverse effect. American Journal of Case Reports, 15(Jun):266-70, 2014.  PMID 24967002
  • Hussain S, Jhaj R, Ahsan S, Ahsan M, Bloom RE, Jafri SM. Bortezomib induced hepatitis B reactivation. Case Reports in Medicine, 2014(May):964082, 2014.  PMID 24876846