Ascension Providence Hospital Michigan Neurosurgery Residency | Ascension Providence Hospital Neurosurgery

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Faculty Contact: Teck M. Soo, MD 

Rotation Location: Ascension Providence Hospital, Southfield Campus and Novi Campus

Duration of the Rotation: 2 weeks or 4 weeks

Students Per Month: Up to 3

Work Hours: Weekdays; no call

Prerequisites: 2 years of medical school; MCE completion for MSUCHM students; completion of Surgery core clerkship for students from other schools.

MSUCHM Course #: SUR 614

General: The neurosurgery service in this community hospital is an active one.  It is integrated within a neuroscience program and has, therefore, an expanded view of the neurosurgical problems.

The aim of a program of this type is to familiarize the student with the examination of the neurological patient and the evaluation of their physical status as it relates to surgery.  Medical and surgical specialties are fully represented in the staff for the care of patients as they relate to neurosurgery.

Goals & Objectives: The medical student is assigned to the neurosurgeon in charge .  This is a preceptorship and special assignments may be given. In the initial stage, the emphasis will be on the theoretical applications and the bedside care of the patients. Then the students time will be dedicated to the initiation of and attendance at operating room procedures, again, with emphasis on the general care of surgical patients as they relate to neurology.  This program will also familiarize the student with advanced surgical techniques available in this institution.  This includes general neurosurgery, diagnostic procedures, micro-neurosurgery and stereotactic surgery.

Evaluation: The Rotation Director will collect data from the supervising physician and other medical team members and complete a written evaluation of the student that is reflective of the student’s academic competence, procedural proficiency and professional attributes. The standard medical school form from the student’s medical school will be used. If required, the student should complete a case log and an evaluation of the rotation and submit them to their medical school.