Ascension Providence Hospital Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Faculty Contact: M. David Jackson, MD

Rotation Location: Rehabilitation Physicians, PC Offices

Duration of the Rotation: 2 weeks (MSUCHM only) or 4 weeks

Students Per Month: 1

Work Hours: Weekdays; 8am-5pm

Prerequisites: 2 years of medical school; MCE completion for MSU CHM students; 3rd year core rotations required for students from other schools.

MSUCHM Course #: MED 626

General: The physical medicine & rehabilitation rotation at Ascension Providence Hospital will be under the direction of Dr. M. David Jackson and staffed by other members of the Section of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Ascension Providence Hospital, who are also faculty in the residency training program in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at The Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan.

This rotation is primarily in the outpatient PM & R setting. Experience on the inpatient ward or on the consultation team may be arranged by request.

Goals & Objectives: The student will make an independent assessment of the patient, which will be fully reviewed with the resident or attending whom he/she follows during the rotation.

Evaluation: At the end of the rotation, the Rotation Director will collect data from the supervising physician and other medical team members and complete a written evaluation of the student that is reflective of the student’s academic competence, procedural proficiency and professional attributes. The standard medical school form from the student’s medical school will be used. If required, the student should complete a case log and an evaluation of the rotation and submit them to their medical school.