Ascension Providence Hospital Poster Printing Timeline

Effective July 1, 2017


1. Primary authors (residents, fellows and others) wishing to have a scientific poster printed will use the Ascension Providence hospital poster template, either case report or research, found on the website Poster Presentions ("Final Thoughts" section; scroll to the bottom for downloads).


2. When designing a poster consider this - our poster printer paper is three feet wide. The mounting board available at your meeting may be 4x8 feet but you will not want to create a poster that size. It is too difficult to transport. The size of our template is 3x4 feet, the most common format printed.


3. Posters must be submitted to at least 2 weeks prior to the pick up date. Primary authors should include meeting name and date, date needed, email and phone contact information when submitting.


4. Research Department Data Entry Clerk, Linda Matenky, will send an email acknowledging receipt of poster with her contact information. She will download and save the posters in the appropriate folder within: U:\SJPH\MA\PHYSIO\MEDIA-MEDICAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS


5. Linda will forward posters on to Dr. Jeff Flynn, or designated reviewer, for scientific review. The reviewer will return the poster to the primary author via email to make the required changes, with updated versions saved in the same folder as previous ones.


6. Dr. Nancy Jackson, Dr. Flynn and Nicole Bolda (in that order) also have access to the inbox and can download and process posters when needed (steps 4&5).


7. The primary author will make the changes and return the poster to the reviewer. The scientific reviewer has final say on disputed changes.


8. The reviewer will send the final version to for printing.*


9. The poster will be printed and may be picked up at the Research Office (7 am-4 pm Monday-Friday).


10. Linda will send an email to the primary author, all co-authors and the program director with an attachment containing the final version of the poster.


*Reviewers, as available, in this order, can give final approval for poster printing: Dr. Flynn and Dr. Jackson.


Checklist for primary authors:

- Correct poster template used

- Send 2 weeks prior to date needed for meeting

- Email to includes :

- Meeting name

- Meeting date

- Primary author best email contact

- Primary author best phone contact

- Department of primary author

- Date needed