Ascension Providence Hospital Summary of Poster Guidelines

Effective July 1, 2017

1. All posters that will be printed by the Biomedical Research department will undergo scientific review and editing by either myself (Jeffrey C. Flynn, Ph.D., Director of Scholarly Inquiry) or a designee.

2. All posters will be printed on the Ascension Providence poster template.

3. Only edited posters which actually bear the required edits will be printed.

4. Posters which arrive too close to a deadline to implement scientific review, editing and revisions will not be printed by the Biomedical Research department. It is the obligation of the poster presenter to allow sufficient time for review and correction of the material before a meeting deadline.

5. If the poster presenter has concerns about this policy or has an edit that they do not agree with, please contact me directly so we can discuss it. We always look forward to educating our trainees about the finer points of our scientific review process. If necessary, I can also set up a meeting with the trainee and the program's director. Please contact me by email ( or office telephone (248-849-2590).