Ascension Providence Hospital - Curriculum

  • First Year
    Hematology/Oncology inpatient 1 block
    General Internal Medicine 6 blocks
    Coronary Care Unit 1 block
    Emergency Medicine 1 block
    Electives 2 blocks
    Medical intensive care unit 1 block
    Continuity clinic 1 block
  • Second Year
    General Internal Medicine 3 blocks
    Coronary Care Unit 2 blocks
    Intensive Care Unit 1 block
    Electives 5 blocks
    Hematology/Oncology outpatient care 1 block
  • Third Year
    General Internal Medicine 1 block
    Medical Intensive care unit 1 block
    Electives 5 blocks
    Primary care outpatient clinic 1 block
    Hospitalist rotation at Ascension Providence Hospital, Novi 2 blocks
    Geriatrics / Palliative Care 1 block
    Neurology 1 block
  • General Internal Medicine

    Four teams exist on the General Internal Medicine rotation. Each team consists of an attending, a senior resident, two junior residents and two or three medical students. Each team will be on call every fourth night and will follow patients admitted that night to the Internal Medicine services. Patients will be placed throughout the Hospital without geographical limitation.

    There is a night float during the week, and residents do not do a 24 hour call during the week.

    There are 10 academic Internal Medicine faculty members who provide clinical instruction and consultation on the floor. The academic faculty is devoted exclusively to teaching, a resource which is often found only in large university-based programs.

  • Coronary Care Unit

    The CCU is a well-equipped fifteen bed unit located in the Seton Center at Ascension Providence Hospital, in Southfield. The CCU is ordinarily staffed by two senior residents, one junior resident and a cardiology fellow. Clinical instruction and supervision are provided by a full-time cardiologist as well as by the staff cardiologists.

  • Intensive Care Unit

    The ICU will be (currently undergoing renovation, as of September 2019) a state of the art multi-bed unit located in the Seton Center at Ascension Providence Hospital, in Southfield. The ICU is staffed by four full-time intensivists and residents from various departments. It is a free-standing service with a separate call schedule and teaching rounds. Residents are excused from all departmental responsibilities except General Internal Medicine clinic during their ICU rotation.

  • Emergency Medicine

    Ascension Providence Hospital operates an active emergency room with nearly 60,000 annual visits. Ascension Providence Hospital also serves as the regional trauma center for southern Oakland County. The Emergency Medicine service is staffed by full-time, salaried emergency physicians and by residents from various departments. While on rotation to this service, the Internal medicine Resident serves as the medical consultant to the Emergency Medicine service.

  • Electives
    • Allergy/Immunology
    • Cardiology
    • Dermatology
    • Endocrinology
    • Infectious Disease
    • Nephrology
    • Psychiatry
    • Pulmonary
    • Rehabilitation Medicine
    • Rheumatology
  • General Medicine Clinic

    General Medicine clinics are scheduled Monday through Friday. Each resident is assigned to one general medicine half day clinic per week for the entire three years of the residency program. Patients remain the responsibility of the resident to whom they are assigned in order to provide for continuity of care. Each general medicine clinic is supervised by one or two full time academic faculty maintaining a ratio of four residents to one faculty as recommended by ACGME.

  • Patient Care Load

    The Internal Medicine Residency Program at Ascension Providence Hospital is fully compliant with all duty hours and work load regulations set forth by the ACGME.

    The few examples are: A first year residents is never responsible for the ongoing care of more than ten patients and they are not assigned more than five new patients when on-call in Internal Medicine inpatient floor rotation. The senior on teams supervising two PGY1 residents is not responsible for supervision or admission of more than ten new patients on-call.

  • On Call Duties

    We recognize that adequate personal time is essential to both a quality education and proper mental health. Given that the demands on time are rigorous in any Internal Medicine Residency Program, every effort is made to maximize time for reading and for time away from the Hospital. The Department of Internal Medicine has developed a "No call" policy.

  • Vacation Policy

    Residents are allowed 3 calendar weeks (15 working days) of vacation during the academic year. In addition, residents are allowed a maximum of 1 calendar week (5 working days) to attend an academic meeting. Residents may elect to take their vacation in one of two manners:

    1. The Resident may elect to designate one of his/her elective months as a vacation/meeting month, taking the entire vacation period at once, with the approval of the program director.
    2. The Resident may elect to take vacation time during an elective rotation. If the Resident elects this option, the following conditions apply:
      • Not more than 2 calendar weeks (10 working days) may be taken for a vacation during any one elective. Time may be taken for vacations or meetings only with the approval of the faculty member who is supervising the elective and the program director.