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This library is accessible from the internet. Therefore, we cannot post here articles and videos which are copyright protected. We can post directions to where such materials can be found. We can provide content which is open to the public such as things on PUBMED. We can post our own materials. Generally, content whether journal articles, videos or any other electronic content which one must subscribe to is copyright protected. In this library you will find materials for which public usage is allowed. If you would like to submit something to be posted in the library of your own creation having to do with wellness, please submit this material directly to me and we will review it and if possible post it.


Things which have worked for you in managing stress, in being more efficient in your work, in reducing any feelings of isolation in your medical career, in combating emotional or physical exhaustion or any of the other stigmata of burnout, any programmatic suggestions for wellness improvement, would be welcomed and will be posted signed or anonymously below in the section, "Our Community Our Wellness", alphabetically by subject.








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