Journal Club

Journal Club 21-22

- Jason Donaghue, MD and Safa Maki, MD Journal Club Moderators

At Ascension St. John we are not only focused on learning and practicing established medical guidelines, but also critically appraising new medical literature. Journal Club is a conference held once to twice monthly at noon. Faculty mentors and resident presenters collaborate, reviewing recent literature relevant to general internal medicine and with the potential to be practice-changing. Once an article is selected the resident and mentor review the article together in order to put together a brief summary presentation. Following the presentation the residents break up into small groups of 6-10 residents, each group lead by a faculty member. After small group discussion we return to a large group format to discuss key points presented by each group and finish with a final take home message about the validity of the journal article and whether or not the article is practice-changing. Our goal is to enable each resident to think critically about medical literature by the time they graduate.