Ascension St. John Hospital Pathology Residency

The Pathology Residency Program is four years long. The residency program is divided into 25 4-week blocks of Anatomic Pathology Training and 18.5 4-week blocks of Clinical Pathology Training, with 4.5 4-week blocks of elective time.

Anatomic pathology comprises autopsy and surgical pathology, cytopathology, electron microscopy and forensic pathology. Clinical pathology comprises chemistry, hematology, microbiology, immunology, transfusion medicine and immunohematology, molecular biology and cytogenetics.

While each resident covers all these subjects on a generally full-time basis, there may be some overlap. For example, interesting material in surgical pathology is available to any resident throughout the training period.

The program in clinical pathology places the resident under the supervision of the subspecialty trained staff pathologist in that branch of the laboratory to which they are assigned. The residents will receive instruction in the working mechanisms of laboratory instruments, including “trouble shooting,” and will have the opportunity to perform most of the tests. Quality control and test selection is stressed along with the automated equipment. The residents will follow up on abnormal tests in chemistry by reviewing the patient's chart, examining the patient if necessary and discussing the clinical pathological ramification with the staff pathologists. They will gain experience in interpretive reporting of laboratory studies, including electrophoresis.

The residents will become acquainted with techniques of electronic data processing and computer applications related to laboratory medicine. The weekend and night on-call rotation for residents enables them to develop responsibility for solving problems which occur in the laboratory off-hours, with a staff pathologist always on call for necessary counsel. During their last year, the residents serve as Chief Resident, obtaining experience in supervision and administration.

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