Ascension St. John Hospital Electron Microscopy

Resident experience in Electron Microscopy consists of a required one 4-week block rotation combined with review of renal medical biopsies, where the resident learns the basics of specimen processing, ultramicrotomy, thin section staining, and use of the electron microscope. The resident also reviews a combination of textbook material, a set of teaching cases, case file material, and current cases, under daily supervision of a staff pathologist. A CD ROM of EM teaching cases, developed in-house, is given to each resident, as well as a second CD ROM of Renal Biopsy teaching cases, also developed in-house, that includes an extensive collection of renal electron micrographs along with correlating light microcopy and immunofluorescence photomicrographs. The Renal Biopsy Conference supplements resident education in electron microscopy.