Ascension St. John Hospital Blood Bank Transfusion

The resident participates in the laboratory testing and interpretation in routine and complex serologic testing, which may include comments as to selection of appropriate blood components, management of transfusion problems such as multiple aloe antibodies requiring rare or highly tested blood components, identification of the cause of platelet refractoriness and analysis of transfusion reactions. These are performed in conjunction with the attending pathologist. Approximately such 25 events will occur during the two 4-week block rotation.


Residents participate in the utilization review and quality assurance activities by collecting data and conducting audits. (Specialty quality assurance committees take the place of the transfusion committee at Ascension St. John Hospital). Laboratory management regulatory and accreditation requirements and information management principles of quality assurance unique to the blood bank are learned by review of procedures, observation, tracer audit participation, discussion and reading assignments. The structure and function of a traditional transfusion committee is included in the course materials.


Residents participate in a four-day rotation scheduled at the American Red Cross of Southeastern Michigan to observe blood center procedures, donor management and selection of blood components, and required infectious disease screening. A four-day rotation is scheduled at the Gift of Life Michigan to observe histocompatability tests and preparation for transplantation.