Ascension St. John Hospital Hematopathology

Pathology residents receive training in hematology, coagulation, and medical microscopy during a five 4-week block rotation under the supervision of three experienced Hematopathologists, all of whom are sub-specialty board certified. The resident becomes knowledgeable by reading assignments, reviewing procedures, observation in the laboratory and discussion with technicians and Pathologists in the performance and interpretation of the following clinical hematology laboratory techniques such as: preparing, staining and interpreting peripheral blood smears, manual and automated cell counting and hemoglobin/hematocrit methods, reticulocyte site counts, sedimentation rate, osmotic fragility, sucrose hemolysis and Ham test, G6PD determination, platelet aggregation studies; manual and automated coagulation methods; fibrin degradation and D-dimer tests; mixing studies; bleeding time performance, malaria preparations, body fluid smear review, and crystal polarization.