Meet the Pediatric Residents

2019-2020 Chief Residents


Justyna Antczak, MD
Medical University of Lodz


Sarah Boltik, DO 
Touro University Nevada COM



Ebtihal Ahmed, MD  
University of Khartoum 


     Krystal Chan-Zlatopolsky, MD



Mina Joseph, DO  
University of North Texas


Saba Javaid, MD  
Aga Khan University  


        Monica Rairikar, MD  
        Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College


  Sandhia, MD 
  Chandka Medical College 


Chassity Stoneburgh, MD       Dee Uzun, MD
SGU                                         Istanbul University 



Mojisola Dehinwa, MD
Obafemia Awolowo

College of Health 


           Dipti Kamath, MD
           Father Muller Medical College


Mary Kasu, MD 
Osmania Medical College 


Japneet Kaur, MD 
Sir Guru Ram Das 

Institute of Medical 

Sciences & Research 


             Hamza Khan, MD
             Shifa College of Medicine


        Shoaib Rao, MD  
        King Edward Medical University 


Wei Wei , MD                                        Julie Zaituna, DO  
Tongji Medical College                         Michigan State University COM



Batoul Aljamal, MD                    Preethi Conjeevaram Selvakumar, MD   Natalia Cwalina, MD

Royal College of Surgeons          Pndicherry Institute of Medical               Medical University of

in Ireland - Medical University   Sciences and Research                             Gdansk

of Bahrain


Jinal Gada, MD                                Ria Garg, MD                                   Saad Khan, MD

Rajiv Gandhi Medical College        M.S. Ramaiah Medical College        Khyber Medical College
and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj 


Daaman Mittal, MD                     Anusha Mopuri, MD                       Yasmin Yousuf, MD

Punjab Institute of                        Gandhi Medical College                 All India Institue of Medical

Medical Sciences                          and Hospital, Secunderabad           Science, New Delhi




Why did we pick Ascension St. John Children's Hospital?

Our residents have always been very pleased with the close knit relationships created in our residency program, which creates a unique "family feel". Resident outings are frequently planned, including trips to local cider mills, Tiger games, and bowling, to enhance our relationships with each other in a social setting.


"The size of the residency program was a big factor for me. I knew I didn’t want a program that was too big or too small. Nine interns a year was a perfect fit! Also, I enjoy that we get some education everyday instead of having a set block one day a week. This allows me to keep my focus on the lecture and retain more information."


"Very good didactics."


"Hands on experience, diverse patient background, good NICU/PICU exposure."


"I chose Ascension St. John Children's Hospital because I wanted to see a variety of pathologies and have the time to be able to learn from them. The patient load and population at Ascension St. John Children's Hospital is such that you stay busy but not overwhelmed and you see a variety of patients from simple, complex, bread and butter and zebras. I also wanted to have access to all the pediatric sub-specialties and I was impressed by the emphasis on education which is reflected in the 100% ABP board pass rate. The residents seemed happy and the faculty was very approachable."


"Very friendly environment, diverse patient population, faculty seemed very approachable."


"Good and frequent lectures, good and friendly faculty, medium sized (personable but still see enough cases), location (both personally good and gives variety of patients/cultures)."


"I chose this program because it was close to home, the board passing rate is 100% and most of all because graduating residents come out of the program well-prepared and well-rounded."


"I love the people at Ascension St. John Children's Hospital. I rotated through the program as a fourth year medical student and really enjoyed seeing how supportive the residents and attending physicians were of one another. Everyone knows one another and the program has a "family" feel."


"Educational curriculum was right for me (good balance of didactics, clinical responsibilities). Size of the program was ideal; not small, but big enough to still receive individual attention from faculty. Location was near family and friends."



What do you love about Detroit?

"I love Detroit. Best sports city in the country. Emerging food scene. Great local music. Very exciting boom right now in downtown. Plus, it is right on the water."


"I like the outdoor activity in Michigan. As far as Detroit itself, I will say I like the river front view."


"Baseball games! Detroit summers are my favorite."


"My favorite things about Detroit are Motown music, Tiger's games and that there is always a new restaurant to try out."


"Good variety: nature, arts, suburbs, city, sports, 4 seasons, always something to do, well priced, good local airport, easy to get to a lot of interesting places (for vacation, conferences etc.) within a few hour car ride."


"Very diverse cultures. I like to be among different cultural groups."


"I am from Texas so like anybody not from Detroit I was a little scared about moving here because most of what you hear about Detroit in the media isn’t all that good. I was however, pleasantly surprised when I arrived. Michigan has beautiful landscapes and all four seasons (the winter was pretty tough!) and the cost of living is great! Detroit has good food options, a great music scene and all the professional sports you could hope for. I feel just as safe here in Detroit as I did in any state where I have lived."


"Biking through the beautiful suburbs." 


"My husband and I live in downtown Detroit, so we are right in the middle of everything. We love finding new places to eat and exploring local shops. There are a lot of changes and developments happening in Detroit right now and it is exciting to be a part of that!"