Ascension Providence Hospital Otology/Neurotology and Skull Base Surgery Fellowship Program

Program Length/Available Positions
Program Length:  Two years
First Year Positions:  Two
Total Number of Positions:  Four

Introduction and Objectives
Michigan Ear Institute, in cooperation with Ascension Providence Hospital, offers a two-year Fellowship program in Otology, Neurotology and Skull Base Surgery. One position is available for a board-certified or board-eligible otolaryngologist each academic year.


The Institute provides a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic experiences to nurture the development of skilled clinicians. Furthermore, great emphasis is placed upon the development of personal, interactive and academic skills, assets important to future leaders in this field.


During this Fellowship, the individual will be exposed to all diagnostic areas of otology and neurotology. The Fellow is expected to become proficient in test methods, including audiologic testing, auditory brainstem response testing (ABR), electrocochleography (ECoG), vestibular testing (ENG, posturography and rotary chair testing), and facial nerve testing. In addition to the routine testing procedures, the Fellow will become familiar with radiologic studies, including CT scanning, magnetic resonance imaging, contrast-enhanced imaging, and angiography. Upon completion of the Fellowship, the individual will have observed and assisted in otosclerosis, congenital ear disease, facial paralysis, acoustic tumor and glomus tumor surgery, as well as other skull base tumor, vertigo, and cochlear implantation surgery.


During the Fellowship, there will be ample opportunity for the Fellow to be involved with clinical research projects. This individual must function in an organized fashion in conjunction with staff members of the Michigan Ear Institute and Ascension Providence Hospital.


Fellows are responsible for making hospital rounds at least twice daily. They are also required to make daily weekend rounds and to take night and weekend call. Weekends are to be rotated with the other Fellow.


Fellows on call are provided a beeper, such that they are free to travel around the city. Weekend call entails answering telephone calls, most of which involve prescription refills or questions from postoperative patients. It is unusual that a Fellow would have to come into the office or hospital at night or on weekends to see an emergency patient. The Fellow is also responsible for ensuring that all patients' admitting history and physical discharge summaries and operative notes are completed. Daily progress notes must be written on the patient's hospital chart during morning rounds.


In the office, the Fellow is responsible for the testing and physical exam of all new patients, telephone calls that are not readily handled by the nurses, follow-up of critical laboratory studies, including radiographic examinations and the completion of patient forms requiring a physician's input or signature.


The Fellows will help organize and attend all conferences and meetings. These conferences include a monthly skull base/head and neck oncology conference, a neuroradiologic conference and a weekly doctors' discussion meeting, at which time interesting case histories of patients are discussed.


Medical and malpractice insurance are provided for the Fellow, who may add his family to the medical insurance policy for a modest premium. Three weeks of paid vacation are provided. Vacation and meeting time away must be discussed with the Fellowship Director.


For an application and further information, please contact:
Alison Devine
Michigan Ear Institute
Ascension Providence Hospital at Northwestern Hwy.
30055 Northwestern Hwy., Suite #101
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
Phone: 248-865-4135
Fax: 248-865-6161